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Weekly Standup

Weekly Standup with Rich & Amy is a show that examines the latest blockchain developments from a business perspective. Rich and Amy will each use their C-suite perspectives to help listeners understand both the opportunities and the tremendous impact that blockchain is already making on the way organizations in all industries are operating. While they may not actually deliver it standing up, Weekly Standup shows will be composed of short focused segments containing news on progress and blockers, guest interviews, and some light "blockchain entertainment" for good measure.

You can list the times that my show is aired each day
(times are EST):

    Monday   07:30 am   05:30 pm -
    Tuesday 06:00 am -   08:00 pm
    Wednesday -   12:00 pm   10:00 pm
    Thursday   09:00 am   04:00 pm
    Friday   10:00 am -   07:00 pm
    Saturday   10:00 am - -
    Sunday -   02:00 pm -

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