Private Blockchain 

A private blockchain has the following characteristics that makes it an attractive and viable solution addressing all of your enterprise needs.  

Private Blockchain for an Enterprise Customer


You decide who has access to what

Blockchain is a technology for public ledger, but nothing stops you from running your own private permissioned network where you get to decide who has access to what. You can invite your partners to be part of the network and all it takes for them to join your network is to add themselves as a node in your network

Mobile Friendly

All data is cryptographically secure and nearly impossible to hack or change once added

Your data is decentralized

Blockchain has decentralization in its DNA enabling your business to not rely on one central data source that is vulnerable to attacks and failures. In Blockchain the data is redundant on all participating nodes in the network, so there is no single point of failure or security attacks.

As more and more organizations/partners join your Blockchain network it adds more value to blockchain 

You don’t have to trust anyone

Blockchain is the source of truth and you will have a copy of source of truth with you and so will others in the network. You don't have to have accept something just based on trust, you can actually verify that for yourself, even better you don't even have to ask any one.
The business functions encoded in the Smart Contracts will execute on the data set based on the appropriate triggers.  

OFS- Salesforce Heroku Partnership in Blockchain Space

We at OFS are developing Blockchain Accelerators, Prototypes and Demo products to help you understand and quickly ramp up on this new paradigm. Our accelerators will enable you to quickly realize the benefits of Blockchain with the click of a button solution.

We have the following Add-on made available in Heroku Marketplace through our partnership program for your consumption.


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